Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tea Party Freshmen Mediscared

Turned out to be kind of a crazy day. Been offline for most of it and off to a pick-up shift at work so only have a moment to pass this gem on. Steve Benen catches our Tea Party freshman whining about being picked on:
A group of House Republican freshmen, tired of getting hammered on Medicare, is leading a fresh protest against Democrats’ tactics on the senior citizen health care program.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger sent a letter to the White House Tuesday signed by 41 of his classmates “calling on President Obama to end the ‘MediSCARE’ tactics,” according to a release today.
So say the same people who lied their pudgy little faces off about Medicare in order to get elected. And it's just so unfair that the Democrats are telling the truth about their hero Paul Ryan's plan to destroy the program completely. Now their constitutents aren't being nice to them anymore. Throw me a crying towel. As my ex used to say, payback's a bitch.

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