Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ryan: Just need better sloganery

The GOP's golden boy of budgetary voodoo is losing his luster both on the Hill and in the public arena. It turns out his Roadmap to Ruin isn't popular anymore. Not that anyone is calling him "unserious" yet, but the booing in the audience is starting to drown out the applause.

However Ryan is sticking with his plan. He thinks it's just a tiny messaging problem:
"Anything this big takes a while to sink in for people to understand," Ryan said. "As soon as people realize just how dire our fiscal situation is, and what our drivers are -- namely, our entitlement programs -- the more they're supportive of this."
Good luck with that. While I've long admired the GOP's talent for coming up with sticky doublespeak slogans that sell their policies under false pretenses, there aren't enough words in the English language to conjure up a vision that sells killing Medicare as "saving" it.

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