Friday, April 22, 2011

One answer to every question

Booman has been getting depressed lately by the inanity of our political discourse. I share Booman's pain. Giving him quote of the day for this summation of what passes for governance in these times:
The problem isn't that the Republican candidates are responding to middle class anxiety with spending cuts and tax relief for bajillionaires. The problem is that that is their response to everything, in every situation. When we had a surplus, they told us it was proof that the government was taxing us too much and that we all deserved a tax cut. When the economy tanked they told us it was because we were overtaxed and over-regulated. It's the same old story every single time in every single situation. Less for ordinary folks and more for those who are already loaded. That's the Republican ideology. You take that, you wrap it up in an American flag and hang it on a cross, and you've got a political party. They don't have any solutions because they don't believe in the federal government. The government is the problem. So, why would anyone put them in charge of it?

Maybe because we're so damn uninformed.
Or maybe we're becoming disengaged because the shock and awe of being constantly bombarded with unchallenged lies and the supporting blather of the 24/7 news cycle gets to be too much after a while.

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