Saturday, April 09, 2011

The driving force behind the GOP

You didn't need a crystal ball to predict the Great Government Shutdown docudrama wouldn't end until the very stroke of midnight. They wrote the script to give Boehner cover with the Tea Party tyrants in his caucus. It was important that it looked like he was fighting until the last possible moment. But as always, it came down to this:
In a private party meeting Friday afternoon, Mr. Boehner told Republican lawmakers that he was fighting for all the cuts he could get, and regaled them with reports of how angry Mr. Obama was with him for the hard line he has taken in the talks — news that elated his membership.
Today's GOPers don't understand the realities of good governance and they don't care to figure it out. Even if they destroy everything, including themselves, all that matters is pissing off liberals. Especially that uppity guy in the White House.

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