Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ZOMG, Dems fighting back

I don't know. Maybe I'm misreading the tone of Jennifer's post but I'm not seeing this as a bad thing. If Dems are coordinating a message to fight the extreme GOP spending cuts, I'm all for it.
After thanking his colleagues ... who are facing off against the House Republicans over how to cut spending for the rest of the fiscal year, Mr. Schumer told them to portray John A. Boehner of Ohio, the speaker of the House, as painted into a box by the Tea Party, and to decry the spending cuts that he wants as extreme. “I always use the word extreme,” Mr. Schumer said. “That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.”
It's called politics. Good Lord. Luntz is delivering talking points to the GOP every day. I'm with Schumer's spokesguy. In contrast to Luntz, who spins lies, Chuck didn't say anything that wasn't true. The Tea Party is out of control, the cuts are extreme and would do more harm than good. This is what I elected Democrats to do.

Frankly I want them to go farther. If this deal falls through, I want them to take a much harder line. Take back every spending proposal they made to social safety net programs and propose a job creation program as the other, clearly definable choice.

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Blogger TDC said...

Libby Spencer "The Tea Party is out of control, the cuts are extreme and would do more harm than good."

You have got to be kidding

The "extreme cuts" ($20B - dems, $60B - GOP) represent less than 4% of the expected deficit.

IOW..even the GOP "cuts" reduce Fed spending from $3,830 Billion to $3,770 billion (1.6% of spending) That's before the cost of the Libyan war is factored in.

BTW... Federal spending in FY 2007..$2,729 B. Thas more than $1,000 B increase in just 4 years


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