Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow

One of my favorite art forms is the political cartoon. Sadly, they're disappearing as publishers cut costs and multimedia shorts take over the internets. Sadly, one of the best of the artists won't be renewed at his last remaining big site, but happily Tom Tomorrow has a new gig that may yet save the medium.
I’ve had an extraordinary run at Salon, and it has been a fantastic platform, which I have been privileged to share with many talented contributors over the years. But as Blinky notes in this week’s farewell cartoon, I’ve been there for about a million years in internet time. My contract was up for renewal at the end this month, and I was feeling vaguely ready for a change, when I was approached by Markos Moulitsas with an intriguing offer — the chance to not only publish my own work on the Daily Kos, but to serve as the site’s Comics Editor, to help create an entirely new space online for political cartoons.
His farewell cartoon at Salon is here. Looking forward to watching the Kos project develop.

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