Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Republican Destructionism in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin GOPers seem to have really misread their "mandate" from the 2010 elections. I'm pretty sure nobody asked them to destroy democracy completely by instituting one party rule:
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald wrote this afternoon in an email to his caucus that Senate Dems remain in contempt of the Senate and will not be allowed to vote in committees despite returning from their out-of-state boycott of the budget repair bill vote.

Dems are allowed to show up, offer amendments, even vote, but their votes won't be counted. Words fail.

On a related note, I hope they keep it up. It's providing a huge boost to Wisconsin recall efforts:
...Dems have now collected over 45 percent of the signatures necessary to hold recall elections for eight GOP state senators, the Wisconsin Democratic Party tells me.

Dems have now collected over 56,000 signatures supporting the recall drives, according to party spokesman Graeme Zielinski, after another surge in organizing activity over the weekend. That’s up from rougly 14,000 after last weekend. This means Dems are well ahead of schedule: In each targeted district, Dems need to amass the required signatures — 25 percent of the number who voted in the last gubernatorial election — by a deadline of 60 days after first filing for recalls, which happened nearly two weeks ago.
Via Doug Hill who rightly remarks turning over the Senate there would be huge for the progressive movement. The more the GOPers overreach, the more likely it looks to happen. So, go GOPers. Keep it up. Won't last long.

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Blogger Ruth said...

And what happened to 'elections have consequences'? Last I knew, the constitution was what determined who votes.

11:31:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

One thing about GOPers Ruth is that as long as I can remember, they've been much better at manipulating procedure. And they have a helluva knack for inventing slogans, false though they may be, that stick.

It's so weird. They are not creative people, they don't create anything well, except their own reality. But I guess you could say they excel at creative destruction. How they can stand looking at themselves in the mirror in the morning, I don't know...

5:27:00 PM  

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