Monday, March 07, 2011

Children of the Scorned

I don't watch much television, but I happened to catch this 60 Minutes segment on newly homeless children last night. (
easy access to the video here at LGM
.) Powerful and heartbreaking.

It is simply unconscionable that in a country as rich as our own that 25% of our children are living in abject poverty. Homeless. Hungry. Cold. The fastest growing demographic in the land.

Meanwhile, our political overlords are busily figuring out how to spare the fat checkbooks and soothe the hurt feelings of the "wrongfully maligned" wealthholders. And where are the "real Murkin" Tea Party cons who have been screeching about "generational theft" when it comes to protecting the children who are suffering the indignity of poverty right now?

Oh yeah, there they are. Shaking their poms-poms and cheerleading the souless GOPers while they slash and burn every social program designed to feed these kids, or keep them healthy or to assist their families in getting back on their feet.

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