Friday, March 25, 2011

America's Worst Sheriff - An ongoing series

The poster boy for pure thuggery, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio brings new meaning to the word "overkill" this week. Apparently hoping to become the next reality show phenom on the idiot box, he's teamed up with Steven Seagal on the low-budget TV series "Lawman."

Yeah, I thought Seagal was dead too but he's very much alive and apparently trying to make a comeback as an action figure. Together, the pair of hapless lawmen made a big bust this week. They rumbled into a residential neighborhood with dozens of SWAT team cops, armored vehicles and a for real army tank. They blew out the windows of the home, swarmed the property and rolled that tank, which was carrying Segal, right over a wall into the yard.

These intrepid law enforcers were there to serve a warrant. And what heinous criminal did they catch? A single guy who was alone in the house, unarmed and sleeping. A guy who has no history of weapons possession and whose prior criminal record appears to consist of a single conviction for attending a cockfight. The warrant was for suspicion of staging a cockfight. So you can see why they needed the enormous manpower.

Not clear on how they'll make the charge stick. Arpaio and his gang immediately terminated 135 chickens to eliminate this dire threat to society. And you know, dead chickens can't testify...

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