Thursday, December 23, 2010

Obama evolving

President Obama made a little speech yesterday before leaving for a much deserved vacation. He was modest about the stellar performance of the lame duck, claiming it as a win for the American people rather than himself. To this day, I still marvel at the contrast between him and our former Smirker in Chief. Even when I don't agree with him, Obama is a pleasure to listen to, in comparison.

Obama also expressed regret that the DREAM act failed, a disappointment I certainly share though I expected it. GOPers never have any trouble punishing innocent children for the sins of the parents. The most interesting point he made was about his evolving thoughts on gay marriage. He hints at supporting it in the future, so maybe he'll do something about DOMA down the line.

I am a little worried about this bit though:
“A lot of folks in this time predicted that after the midterm elections, Washington would be headed for more partisanship and more gridlock,” Mr. Obama said. Instead, he said, Washington politicians decided that it was time to find common ground.

“That’s a message that I will take to heart in the new year, and I hope my Democratic and Republican friends will do the same,” he said.
I'm not sure why the GOPers caved at the end here, but I doubt it's because they had a change of heart and decided to put the business of the people above their own partisan self-interest. What I'd like to believe is that the few sensible Republicans that crossed over did it just because it was the right thing to do and will continue on that track. But I figure it's more likely they realize the next session of Congress is going to be such a teabag slinging mess they wanted to help while they could. Thinking the GOP leadership is just regrouping to figure out new and more devious ways to sabotage civil society in order to tar Obama and regain the White House in 2012.

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