Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tax and spend

Don't know what got into the tradmed this weekend, but here's more debunking of the GOP narrative. William Gale hits the WaPo and explodes five myths about the Bush tax cuts. Yves adds this precious reminder about the estate tax, digging up the 2001 letter signed by 100 ultra rich people, including the "evil" Mr. Soros, opposing its repeal.

And, instead of yet another, "oh this poor rich person who had to sell one of their vacation homes" story, the NYT focuses on the long term unemployed workers over the age of 50 who have had to wipe out their retirement accounts in order to survive. That's part of what makes the proposal to raise the retirement age for Social Security so ridiculous. For many of us in this age range, it's not even going to be a choice. Few will be able to afford to retire.

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