Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scuse me while I kiss the sky

Working this morning, so just a quick linkfest. If you're a fan, or just fond of the 60s, this profile of Jimi Hendrix is a must read. Lots of insider stuff that I've never read anywhere else about the music scene in London.

Also for the boomers, if you loved the old TV shows, you'll enjoy Lorne Greene singing the theme song to Bonanza. Who knew it had lyrics?

A very funny exchange of emails between a parent and school chaplin.

Didn't read this one but I loved the title, The Real Power Behind the Throne: An Exclusive Tell-All Interview with Glenn Beck’s Blackboard.

Tough times for freelance writers. My pal Erin tells all about writing for demand media.

A really beautiful sunset.

Loved this art. Traffic light tree.

My friend R. Clayton McKee explains what White Linen Night is, in pictures.

And my pal started a new blog, lots of photos of Philly and a look inside The Mind of William Lodge.

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