Thursday, July 01, 2010

Reform passes House, unemployed left behind

What's left of the financial reform bill passed through the House today, no thanks to the Republicans. To no one's surprise, all but three voted against it. It now goes to the Senate and good luck with that. Last I heard the prima donna holdouts are still playing coy. One hopes they're just doing it for the media attention and will come around, especially Scott Brown. I find it hard to believe the good people of Massachusetts really prefer no reform to be passed at all.

Meanwhile, the Senate is taking off for the holiday without taking an up or down vote on extending unemployment benefits, leaving 1.3 million Americans without any income at all. That number will rise to 2 million by the time they figure out how to replace the deceased Senator Byrd. Of course, in a functioning Senate, Reid would have forced the Republicans to actually filibuster the bill until their self-miserable, dessicated hides turned to dust on the floor. But then the Dems wouldn't get to go on vacation either.

I'm thinking if we could eliminate the Senate's jobs they might take almost 10% long term unemployment a bit more seriously. I'm getting to the point where I don't see what useful function they serve anymore, other than to protect corporate interests at all costs. We already have plenty of lobbyists for that.

[ So embarassing. Please help if you can]

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