Thursday, June 10, 2010

The unknown candidate in South Carolina

I'm sure you've heard about Alvin Greene, a 32 year old unemployed Army veteran who pulled off an upset win in the South Carolina primary. All sorts of intrigue surrounds him. He's clearly facing a felony charge that carries a maximum of five years in prison for some hanky panky with a young college woman. And there's suspicion he may have been a plant since it is odd an unemployed guy could come up with 10K, in cash, to file.

But what interests me more is how the hell the guy won the race. It's said that nobody knew who he was and he didn't campaign; yet he won with almost 59% of the vote. I mean who voted for him? Doesn't say much for the intelligence of the average Democrat in SC. Or else, this is the real incumbent back-lash story of the primaries. His opponent was a four term state legislator. Suppose it could have been of case of choosing anyone who isn't part of the establishment. Still very weird.

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