Friday, June 25, 2010

So who's the dirty rat?

Not sure why it's so shocking to everyone that Dave Weigel trash talked Drudge for misrepresenting his posts or the guy who outed his girlfriend's personal information at the Washington Examiner. Who wouldn't have under the same circumstances and it was supposed to be a very private, confidential listserv where people were free to speak openly.

Dave often pisses me off with his commentary but he's usually fair about what he says. He's surely no liberal, as is being said around the winger sites. He's a glibertarian at best but he was good fit for that beat. But the real villian here is the scumbag who leaked the emails and FishBowl DC for printing them. FishBowl now saying Dave is going to resign, but I'm not going to give those slimers any more traffic. If it's true, I assume Dave will announce it himself soon enough.

Meanwhile, John Cole weighs in and points out that many commentators have made much worse remarks on the WaPo's public pages, including their star insider Dana Milbank who called Hillary Clinton a bitch. He didn't lose his job over it.

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