Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shredding the social safety net

I sat in on a conference call when billionaire Peter Peterson first launched his propaganda machine, America Speaks. It was clear from the inception, that his intention was to shred the social safety programs like Social Security and Medicare. I intended only to listen but no one was talking, so I started asking a lot of questions. He didn't take it well.

I'm pleased to see now that he's taken the show on the road, the participants in his town meeting type panels, aren't buying the propaganda either.
UPDATE: The propaganda may have wound up being too subtle. Via the America Speaks twitter feed, the top three options at the meetings selected by the participants were: raising the limit on taxable earnings in Social Security, a 5% tax increase on people making over $1 million dollars a year, a carbon tax, and a tax on financial transactions. Whoops!
Thinking the tour is not working out the way he hoped it would. But unfortunately, Peterson is also on the President's deficit reduction committee, so it's not going to be a huge setback for him. He may be failing to sell his narrative to the people, but since he's got the ear of the policy makers, he's still a very dangerous man.

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