Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Riding the water slide

I'm doing my heavy posting at DetNews so click at the link at the bottom if you want a longer version of this and my take on some other depressing news but I do want to post this full version of the Helen Thomas video that miraculously surfaced today, after her career was prematurely ruined.

Via Balloon Juice where they have some additional dirt on the rabbi who pulled this scam off. He appears to be a James O'Keefe wannabe and probably could have a bright future as a cog in Andy Brietbart's wingnut wurlitzer. As John Cole points out, once again everybody got played by an out of context chop job. I know Helen has a long history of criticizing Israel but there's simply no way to interpret her remarks as a suggestion that the Jews be sent back to the concentration camps. It was graceless, but not deliberately mean.

But the damage to poor Helen is done. Frankly, I thought she should have retired some time ago but hounding her out like this strikes me as unusally cruel. The more I think about it, the more it feels like the pile on was more because everyone wanted her to get rid of her, than about anything she said. It just had the feel of -- time to put the cranky granny into the nursing home.

I mean it's not like there aren't white conservative guys who make much more egregious anti-Semitic and racist remarks every day. Take for instance, Glenn Beck's latest book promotion for an racist author whom one historian described as "the most bigoted woman anti-Semite of the period around World War II." This woman was considered a full fledged, Orly Taitz level nutcase in her day, yet Beck gets paid millions to promote this kind of crap and nobody at, as Jake Tapper once put it, his "sister stations" seem to be the least bit concerned about it.

They are however horribly disturbed first, by the President's cool detachment and lack of emotion about the gusher right up until the moment Obama said he was going to "kick some ass," at which point they throw themselves on the fainting couch because ZOMG, the president lost his cool and said a dirty word. But hey, they got to ride the water slide at Biden's pool party, so they're still important -- right?

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