Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mixed (up) media

I'm still annoyed with the idiot media. They just get more vapid every day. This mash-up on un-emo Obama is the best illustration I've seen of that lame narrative. What strikes me the most is how *very seriously* they take themselves. You want to scream, who the f*uck cares what you think.

I'm not the only one irritated but it. One of my favorite tweeps, Misha posts a brilliant rant on her blog. I didn't even know she had her own blog but it's a great one. Check out the rest of her posts while you're there.

I used this in a DetNews post but in case you didn't click over, Stop Beck has a great post on context as related to Glenn Beck.

I didn't watch this segment yet, but people are raving about it. I'm told it's the best Daily Show takedown in a while. The South Carolina bit has them rolling in the aisles.

Meanwhile, sometimes I wish I lived in Detroit. They were doing rolls of a different sort in the Red Bull Air Race over the Detroit River. Amazing photos even if you don't love vintage planes.

And speaking of vintage planes, this WP reporter with a head-cam went for ride in one and filmed the crash landing. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Loved this story. A soon to be married couple are going through old family photos and discover they were both in the exact same place at Disneyworld when they were young tots. Their families didn't know each other, but they were both in the same photo.

And I never get tired of this sort of thing. Amazing Paper Architecture. These are not your childhood paper dolls and snowflakes.

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