Friday, June 25, 2010

GOP kills job bill

Third time was not the charm. The Republicans succeeded in their obstruction and the jobs bill is dead. Not coming back to the floor. Not that you could tell from the majority of the tradmed coverage how it happened. In fact the headlines mainly take up the GOP narrative and blame the Democrats for its failure. As Steve Benen points out, the only major newspaper that got the lede right was got the lede right was LAT.

Still thinking, since Harry Reid can't seem to outsmart them procedurally, that the Democrats' best hope it to make clear that the GOPers are preventing an up or down vote. As I recall, the GOPers used that meme themselves very successfully when they were in power.

Of course Harry could make them actually, you know, filibuster for real, so the voters could witness the obstruction in more tangible way. But I guess that would be too much trouble because the Democrats would have to be there too.

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