Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fiorina burned by hot mic

This was the most amusing story yesterday. Carly Fiorina, hot off her primary win is making small talk before the show goes on air. She apparently didn't realize the mic was live and her recorded remarks make her look very small and petty indeed. She dissed Sean Hannity and made catty remarks about Barbara Boxer's hair. As if her do is so glamorous. If Boxer is so yesterday, she's so last century with that frumpy bob.

But it's not even really that her remarks were so incendiary. More revealing was the way she said it, than what she said. Her self-absorbed sense of entitlement couldn't be more apparent. Meanwhile, she of course, immediately made a groveling apology to Hannity and will now have to be interviewed by him herself. She won't take back her catty remarks about Boxer though. That's all "part of her game."

Guess the good news is her bitchy, brittle persona should make her easy to beat.

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Blogger Kevin McKague said...

There have been a couple of hot mic incidents lately, and they remind me of the episode of "The West Wing" when President "accidentally on purpose" trashed his Republican opponent in front of a live mic. He got to be mean and say some things that needed to be said and then apologize afterwords.

I'm surprised nobody has done that for real. This incident and the one a few weeks ago by the last PM in GB were just dumb mistakes.

2:13:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Who knows Kev. She may have known it was live and did it for the attention. Not like she hasn't been on teevee before.

But these things do happen a lot when it's more obvious they don't realize. I'm reminded of Bush at one of the big international confabs. Forget which one it was but he was making really dumb small talk.

6:10:00 PM  

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