Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ed Henry on the waterslide

This might be a good time to remember that all those media commentators who were so bitterly disappointed in Obama's "vapid speech" have a little problem with substance themselves. The Veep's little afternoon watersports fete for the press is old news but this interview with Ed Henry is new to me. He "manfully" tries to explain why it's not big deal is truly remarkable. It was hard to choose only one quote.
ED HENRY: Well, there’s no doubt that you need access to get information, but I think that you've got to be careful assuming that just because you go to somebody’s house it’s, quote, unquote, “cozy.” People we cover are not one-dimensional characters, and when you stand afar and say, I'm never gonna get a drink with someone, I'm never gonna have a meal, I'm never gonna go to a party at the Vice President’s house, it is - seems a little odd to think that somehow you lose all scruples.

I think having a meal with someone that you cover actually gives you a lot more perspective on not only who they are but why they're attacking a certain issue, a certain way.

I mean, some people want to cover, whether it’s the White House or the mayor’s office or whatever, from thousands of feet away without really getting to know the people they cover. That may be their approach. It’s not mine.
Seriously, read the whole thing. It's short, but it left me speechless. These are guys who think being hand fed gossipy sound bytes is real journalism. And they're fit to judge leadership skills? Right.

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