Thursday, June 24, 2010

Defense Spending on the Table

This is somewhat good news.
A growing number of centrist Democrats say they’re open to trimming Pentagon spending in the face of record budget deficits and mounting public debt.
Well past time to look at the Pentagon's annual $550 billion budget. And I assume that doesn't include "emergency appropriations." Since it makes up more than half the country’s discretionary spending, it would be good place to look for savings.

But of course, not all the Blue Dogs on board with it.
“No,” Blue Dog Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.) responded when asked if he agreed with Hoyer’s stance on the defense budget.

“A lot of the things he said I was not in agreement with,” Altmire said. “The first thing we need to look at are cuts to social programs.”
Sure, let's make those lazy poor people suffer some more since they did so well during the Bush boom. Since his personal worth was between $266013 and $740000 in 2007, why should he worry?

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