Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Souder resigns to spend more time with his family values

My interest in Mark Souder dates back to when I was blogging strictly for drug policy reform and even then there few bigger liars than him among the prohibitionists. Of course, he is also one of the biggest social conservatives in the House, pontificating at great length about family values and pushing the abstinence only approach to birth control. Happy to have lived long enough to see him get the payback for his hypocrisy. He announced today he's resigning his office because he got caught having an affair with a staffer.

Oddly, the scandal didn't take hold until now. He just survived a contested primary on the claim the allegations were just a smear tactic. One wonders what happened since then to change his mind. But in any event he's gone now and the Congress will be better off for it.

The biggest surprise to me is that he actually resigned. Most of the GOPers on this list who were caught up in sexual hanky panky stick it out. Anyway, if you care for a little schadenfreude with your coffee, you might want to watch his testimony on abstinence before Congress. Apparently there's another video on the subject where his lover appears as his interviewer. Expect that youtube will surface soon.  Sorry, Souder's alleged mistress is the one introducing him in the video at the last link.

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