Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sestak story is not a scandal

The media obsession with Sestak isn't even a story. I mean, really. How shocking. A politician gets offered a deal to drop out of a race. I'm sure that's never happened before. And the journalists know that all they're doing is feeding the GOP's fake outrage but they're in so deep now, they can't seem to admit it. You know that's true when a usually reasonable journo has to explain at the end of a piece why he based the whole thing on a fake analogy.

I'm actually surprised John Dickerson ran with this and tried to equate it with the dissembling that went on around the Plame leak. Not even close to the same. Sadly, he's not the only one playing steno for the GOPers.

This non-scandal should have been nothing more than fodder for the Village cocktail party crowd. It's not even interesting. I seriously doubt most of America gives a flying leap about it.

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