Friday, May 28, 2010

Newt slithers back on Nazi comparisons

Shameless self-promoter Newt Gingrich has been riding the circuit promoting his new book and presuambly setting the framework for a potential 2012 try at the GOP nomination, but he may have gone too far. Newt was forced to slither back on his Obama-Nazi analogies in the face of fairly united outrage, even on the right. Apparently there is a limit to what even the most rabid Obama haters will accept in rhetorical excesses when it comes to the Holocaust.

Gingrich hasn't exactly apologized for his untoward remarks but he has at least said "there isn’t an 'equivalence' between 'totalitarian regimes and the secular-socialist left.'" One critic he spoke to suggests this means in the future, "he will no longer be making comparisons between Democrats and Nazis." It will be interesting to see how long he holds to it. I suspect he'll just find new ways to express the same sentiment to accompany his empty catch phrase. I mean what the hell is secular-socialism anyway?

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