Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kevin Costner's real life Waterworld

Well, the movie may have been rather awful, but I'm loving Kevin Costner's real life rescue mission in the Gulf. About 15 years ago Costner invested in a new technology aimed at cleaning up oil spills in the ocean. Now some $24 million later, he is offering the use of it to BP and the corporation appears to be ready to accept the offer. Costner is heading to the Gulf Coast with "six of his massive, stainless steel centrifugal oil separators next week." The separators basically spin the polluted water, separating the oil out and returning 99% pure water to the sea. In theory they could "potentially clean 2 million gallons of oil water a day."

The Gulf coast states are already fighting to be the first site for the trial run. I'm really hoping it works. For one thing, it would be good to see Costner get a return on his investment since he's stuck with it all these years and hasn't made a dime on the project. And of course ending this slow motion nightmare before it permanently damages the fragile wetlands would be a welcome relief. Also, as an added side benefit, it would blast a huge hole through the persistent right wing narrative about self-absorbed Hollywood types who are destroying society. Triple win.

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