Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The GOP's sex fetish

This is a new low in political ad smearing. A GOP ad digitally manipulates a still photo to make it appear the Democratic opponent is masturbating.

What is it with the GOP and sex anyway? From abortion to gay rights, they're always ogling our sex lives and wanting to dictate how and when people have sex. Yet the kinkiest sex scandals seem to be on their side of the fence. And the more holier than thou they are, the kinkier is gets.

The latest poster boy for "do as I say, not as I do" is of course George Alan Rekers, co-founder of the ultra-right, Christian based Family Research Council, who was caught coming off a plane with a young male prostitute at the conclusion of a long European vacation.

Rekers claims he had no idea the kid was a hooker and only hired the escort to lift his luggage, but as Joe.My.God points out, the Rentboy site where Rekers found his barely of legal age paramour is obviously a sex site. And if the kid was supposed to "lift his luggage," why was Rekers the one wheeling it through the airport?

I don't really care what the guy does in his sex life, but he's been a front line anti-gay warrior for years. It's the hypocrisy that rankles. And it's also clear that suppressing their sex drives is probably what makes GOPers and religious conservatives so effing crazy.

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