Thursday, May 06, 2010

BP Spill Strikes the Beach

I've been obsessed with the BP spill for the last 48 hours. The Oilgarch has become a monster slick on the sea.

It finally made landfall at an outlying island. [More photos here.]

I've done my posting about it at DetNews. It's Not Obama's Katrina. It's the Conservative Free Market Theory's Waterloo. No matter how hard the cons spin it, it's just Not Obama's Fault and I, for one, am tired of Inconsistent Criticism.

Then I got into it with my long time nemesis, co-blogger John LaPlante. I swear he sets me up to take him down. I mean there's No Excuse for BP's Gusher and there's a big difference between Risk and Recklessness. I totally won the battle on the facts, but I have to admit, he had a killer, face-saving, last word. He wins on the snark.

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