Monday, April 12, 2010

Tea Party gubernatorial candidate doesn't want to talk about sex with horses

He doesn't want to discuss bestiality, Carl Paladino, the Tea-Party-backed Republican candidate for governor of New York, just wants to watch the video and forward them by email to all his friends and business associates, along with dozens of the racist viral emails that the wingers pass around in an endless loop.

And that email list no doubt includes, via Doug J, "a who's who of Republican hackerama. (Republican Congressman) Chris Lee was there. The head of M&T bank was there. ECRC (Erie County Republican Committee) Chair Domagalski was there" to cheer Paladino on when he announced his candidacy.

Meanwhile in Ohio, Springboro Tea Party founder and uncontested candidate for a seat on the Warren County Republican Party’s central committee Sonny Thomas recently tweeted, “Illegals everywhere today! So many spics makes me feel like a speck. Grrr. Wheres my gun!?” A remark that seems especially poignant since he has a partly Hispanic 6 year old son with a woman that appears not to be his wife.

Of course, this is fine because as we all know, "teh left" called Bush a war criminal and call Palin stupid, and that is so much more hateful. [Second link via GottaLaff.]

[Thanks to Mike Finnigan for the linkage]

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