Thursday, April 01, 2010

RNC grounds Young Eagles

The fallout from the RNC expensed visit to the girlie bar in LA continues apace as the RNC announced it is putting its support for the Young Eagles program "for younger donors" on hold. Although they're apparently the only demo that is still willing to give them money, the RNC announced it was cancelling almost all events.
This includes: Opening Day with the Phillies, U.S. Training Center, YE's Leadership Summit and Gold Cup. If there are others in the pipeline, they are also on hold until further notice.
Not sure if the U.S. Training Center is the same event as the weekend at Blackwater HQ but that's cancelled too.

Meanwhile, you have to wonder if there's a saboteur at the RNC. To add to their current PR nightmare, another one of their fake census mailings just blew up. Didn't read the article, but the Memeorandum blurb is hilarious:
A new entrant in the when-it-rains-it-pours category. — The Republican National Committee sent a fundraising mail piece earlier this month with a return number that leads to a phone-sex line offering “live, one-on-one talk with a nasty girl...
Since it is April 1st, I suppose this one could be a joke. I'm not going to give Politico the hit to find out but if it's real,. I'm told by a reliable source who received one of the letters, this is indeed true so one might indeed think the RNC is becoming a permanent April Fool joke.

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