Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dan Riehl harbors domestic terrorists

I've been doing a lot of pushback on the false equivalency that the right wing spokesmouths are pathetically trying to build between lefty radicals and tea party terrorists. I did a long post at DetNews yesterday that I would actually encourage you to read in full. But I want to quote this part because it's been sticking with me ever since. More I think about it, the more horrifying I find it. This is a comment on Riehl's very recent post.
Remember, all actions to stop liberals--be they your congresspeople, or your neighbors--are now legitimate.

"We see this as a violation of equal protection of the law, an affront to our sovereignty, and as a breach of the U.S. Constitution."

A government takeover of health care is exactly why the 2nd Amendment is there. They fired the first shot--but we will won't stop until we fire the last one.

All actions.
This was in near the top of the comments on the post when I found it on google. Clearly Riehl, who is a leading voice of the far right and a regularly featured *pundit* on the teevee would have, or at least should have, seen it. One can only conclude that death threats to any liberal in America, even ordinary citizens, is AOK with Dan Riehl but don't expect the "both sides do it" media to make that connection. So irresponsible.

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