Friday, March 05, 2010

What drives me crazy

I feel all boring, lecturing school marmish about this, but damn it really does drive me crazy. The nebulous entity known as *the left* was winning the health care reform argument this week. There was serious pushback on the GOP narratives, even in TV media and of course the Bunning fiasco was a PR nightmare for the GOPers. Obstructionism illustrated. Kos posted a new poll showing the "tide is turning in 2010." Democrats are winning. The Republican panic was palpable.

The GOP needed to change the storyline quick and Fox cheerleading alone wasn't going to do it. Enter the Kaplan test prep. Fred Hiatt bravely leaps to the cause and floats an "unnamed source" rumor about the KSM trial that pisses off the left. News cycle filled with lefties bitching out Obama and his adminstration. Mission accomplished.

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