Wednesday, March 03, 2010

This much I know to be true

I have a bunch of links to short items that don't require a full post, but may be of interest to you.

If you follow the media, the inside jokes in this animation are hilarious because they're so true. A Politico editorial meeting.

Sally Quinn is a royal bitch. Quinn by the way, is the doyenne of the DC society party scene and was just fired from her WaPo columnist gig.

Breitbart is a bad joke.

Jim Bunning is so old he played baseball with Mickey Mantle. I find that stunning for some reason.

Drudge is the petri dish for Zombie lies.

This is sort of a miracle. Udumbara flower that is said to only bloom every 3000 years was found in the home of a Chinese nun in Lushan Mountain, Jiangxi province, China.

And I'm often not that impressed with the NASA photos from the space station but this one is particularly good. They say it represents truest colour images of the Earth.

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