Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oops, wrong protesters

I don't know why this idiot wingnut Rep Steve King keeps crossing my radar but this was the funniest vignette of reform bill night. Apparently King was all atwitter about the tea party thugs out there hollering to kill the bill. Considering this tweet I think he confused noise with volume.

Wasn't only teabaggers out there. I wonder if these Christian Democrats supporting the bill were the ones that confused him?

Who are not to be mistaken for these very confused Christians.

And most tragic and confusing of all was that 200K people peacefully demonstrated in support of immigration at the same time and the media almost completely ignored them. I don't even have a link to a major news account. Wouldn't have found out about it, except that I saw some chat on twitter and a photo. Lots brown faces doing nothing scary at the pro immigration march. The big, fat, lily-white Bubba types actively trying to intimidate Congressmen got all the attention. Our *liberal media at work. Shameful really.

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