Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just drill a hole in my head why don't you...

My first reaction to President Obama's announcement that he wants to open up more places for offshore drilling is -- WTF? As Matt says, I just don't get the strategy here. Judging from the reaction of the GOP and in Wingnuttia it doesn't look like he's winning any converts in Crazyland and he's pissing off a lot of people that have been defending him.

What happened to developing alternative, non-toxic energy sources? First he is going to reopen nuclear plant construction and now this? As I've said all over the internets today, unless they can guarantee no offshore rigs will ever spill any oil, it's not worth the environmental risk and any source that produces byproducts that remain dangerously toxic after hundreds of years is not effin clean energy. Gah.

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