Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jobs bill passes on bi-partisan vote

No really. Granted it's not much of a bill, it's too small and it doesn't do enough but the latest Jobs Bill passed with 11 Republicans crossing over to vote yes.

One of those GOPers was my normally useless Senator Burr. Thinking he made the shift because his Democratic challenger, Cal Cunningham has been hammering him on the issue for weeks now. One strong opponent does more than one thousand activists sometimes.

I'm a bit conflicted about Cal. He's the party machine candidate with DNC and DSCC support and I know I'm supposed to be supporting the woman who I'm told is more progressive but I really want to get rid of Burr and Cal is out there working it every day. He's gladhanding all over the state and his social media presence is very strong. I've seen so little of the other candidate, I can't even remember her name off the top of my head. Elaine something I think.

On the other hand I'm told by a GOP operative I made friends with that Cal can beat Burr and she can't win in the general. Not sure I should believe him. Keeping my options open but I'm leaning towards Cal at the moment.

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