Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If the Republicans hold a presser and no one shows up...

...does it still make a sound? This picture really does speak the proverbial thousand words. While President Obama was signing the reform bill, the GOP held a press conference.

Blue Dog Max Baucus, who is responsible for much of the delay on this bill, didn't do much better. Mark Knoller tweets, "Senate just voted to begin 20 hours of debate on the #HCR reconciliation bill. ...Baucus is surrounded by empty seats of other Senators as the 20 hours of debate on the reconciliation bill begins."

The Republicans managed to drag themselves in to propose a string of ridiculous amendments, and they've been madly working the internets trying to keep the base dumb and angry, but one suspects their heart is no longer in it. The Senate bill is going to pass and the GOPers will end up supporting keeping the Cornhusker deal in the House bill that was signed into law today. Rather brilliant strategy on the Democratic side really.

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