Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Care Cacophony

Small wonder that the *debate* over health insurance reform is so muddied. I've been seeing these ads from anti-reformists for weeks now. This week has been especially brisk. This is why.
The coalition of groups opposing the legislation, led by the United States Chamber of Commerce, is singling out 27 Democrats who supported the health care bill last year and 13 who opposed it. The organizations have already spent $11 million this month focusing on these lawmakers, with more spending to come before an expected vote next weekend.
Estimated spending by the end of this week, when a vote is expected to be taken is $30 million in advertising. This would explain why the television media is so enamored of horserace coverage that allows the misinformation to breed. If they did their job and posted facts in context, all that advertising money wouldn't be spent.

This is a cash cow for the networks. I live in very red GOP district. The no votes here are a given, yet I've seen at least a dozen anti-reform ads in the last three days and I rarely watch TV.

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