Wednesday, March 03, 2010

GOP is very concerned about the Democrats future

Steve Benen gives voice to what a lot of people are thinking, including me. The Republican concern trolling being headlined by the media over passing the health reform bill sounds desperate and even a little silly. I'm thinking they know they look like idiots but they're doing it to rally what's left of their base. It's part of the their strategy to convince the far right nutcases that they really are a majority and keep them engaged in active hatred of all things allegedly liberal and/or Democratic -- no matter how much they would benefit from "liberal" Democratic policies. As if we've even seen anything particularly liberal coming out of this Congress.

It's not a bad strategy for a party that's all about winning the news cycle. The more outrageous they are, the more attention they get. The media allows itself to be duped by it, because it's it fulfills their need to find controversy in every little thing. That stuff is easy to "report." Why the Democrats have allowed this nonsenical narrative to drive their own strategy is harder to fathom. I mean who takes dire predictions or "concerned advice" from people who have vowed to destroy you seriously?

Seeing some signs that the Dems are finally wising up and pushing back. Hope it lasts.

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