Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CNN Death Watch

In a move unparalleled since the WaPo hired Ben Domenech to be their conservative columnist, today CNN announced Erick Erickson will join their team as a political "analyst." If memory serves Domenech lasted only a few days before it was discovered he was a plagiarist. I suspect Erick son of Erick won't last long under the scrutiny of the internets either.

CNN is touting the hire as a way to reach the small town "real 'Murkins" that Erick rubs elbows with every day. Except Erick lives in a city of 100,000, doesn't really hang out with "the little people" and has a long history of idiotic posts at his RedState site. Steve Benen runs down some of his recent gems in the link above and it's only a matter of time before some industrious bloggers start unearthing the comedy gold in his archives. In fact, it's already beginning.

Thinking if Ted Turner was dead, he would be turning in his grave about now. As it is, I'm guessing he's just wishing he were dead so he didn't have to witness the self-inflicted humiliation of the station he built. Sad to see what was once a truly great source of news fall so low. And as Steve notes, this is not about giving a right winger a voice at the station, Not they need more of them since they already have Joe Scar and Pat Buchanan, but if they wanted to bring a blogger on board, there are so many smarter and saner choices.

[Ed. note: Just remembered Joe Scar + Buchanan are at MSNBC. Hard to keep these "liberal" media straight. Meanwhile, John Cole has the rundown on CNN's stable of wingnuts. And how did I forget Lou Dobbs?]

[Thanks, (I think), to Atlantic Wire for the link.]

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