Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Candidate Kaus

I've been giggling over this since I saw it on Twitter last night. Mickey Kaus is running for the Senate. He took out papers with the intention to run against Barbara Boxer in California. And look at these creds. Maybe the tea party will endorse him.
The Democrat has been centrist and even conservative on some of the issues on which Boxer has taken a more left-leaning stand, including immigration: He does not favor amnesty and favors a more restrictive national policy.

The journalist's Wiki entry says he's also "skeptical of affirmative action, labor unions (particularly automotive workers' unions and teachers' unions), and gerrymandering of congressional districts."
I had no idea he was a Democrat. I would guessed he was a psuedo-Indy. Assuming he's not quite pure enough for the TP, wondering who his constituency would be -- besides the goat vote I mean. In any event, thinking his campaign is going to be very funny. The lefty bloggers will skewer him.

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