Thursday, February 18, 2010

Breaking: White House library has books!

While I'm on the subject of idiot wingnut bloggers, Matt flags one of their leading lights who breathlessly posted a big scoop. It appears this imbecile took a break from the far right clown convention, otherwise known as CPAC, to take a tour of the White House. He discovered the White House library -- and sit down for this -- has books in it! Socialist books! He claimed the tour guide said Michelle picked out the collection herself.

Of course, in that pesky liberal reality, the books have been there since the 1960s. The nutter's response: "Oh well then, nevermind..." I didn't check because I won't give these idiots a single hit of traffic, but I'm willing to bet that he didn't correct his post.

And of course, even if Michelle had chosen to have those books in the library, so what? Is every person who read Mein Kampf, a Nazi? Every person who ever read Mao's little red book, a communist? One wonders how these people even tie their own shoes or feed themselves.

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