Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Banksters Arm Themselves Against the Uprising

Lord knows that simply conducting their business honestly without bleeding the public treasury dry by any means possible, ethical considerations not applicable, is out of the question, so it appears nervous banksters are applying for gun permits in record numbers. They're apparently particularly worried about their vulnerability at their Long Island mansions that aren't safely ensconced in gated communities.

Clearly this is a psychological crutch since I'm told it's nearly impossible to get a license to carry a gun on the streets in New York and let's face it, even if they could, they're outnumbered. Lot more of us common rabble out here than there are of them. I suppose if the pitchfork and torches ever hit the streets for real, these guys could hole up in their safe rooms with their guns, but sooner or later, they will run out of food and champagne. Someone should probably tell them they won't be able to get takeout delivered either if there's a mob outside their doors.

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