Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time to Move

Posting has been light because I'm moving again. Hope this time I'll be able to settle down. This old place was nice in a lot of ways, but it's just not right. It's too damp and too cold and too far from downtown. My new digs are practically in the heart of what passes for an urban hellhole in this little city. I'm hating the moving part, but looking forward to living there. My plan when I got here was to find a place downtown and this is the closest I've come to approximating my old digs in lovely downtown Northampton since I've moved south.

About to take another load over to the new place so just a couple of links to amuse you. Slim pickings out there if you want to avoid Palin, but I'm happy to see Karen Tumulty's "Make Em Filibuster" campaign seems to be gaining some steam.

And this photo gallery of odd vacations spots is quite stunning. I want to go to the glass beach for sure and most of the other places look tempting to me as well.

And if babies make you happy, this is the spot to follow the progress of my favorite preemie. They're holding a fundraiser today. They're going to donate a dollar for every click on the blog. They may have upped the ante to leaving a comment too, so do let them know how much you enjoy little Sam.

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