Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rabbis protest Joe Lieberman

I almost missed this story. The symbolism of seeing Rabbis protest in this candlelight vigil seems pretty significant to me.
STAMFORD -- Quietly holding candles, hundreds of clergymen, congregants and reform advocates lined the sidewalks outside Independent U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman's Stamford home Sunday night in a show of support for universal health care.

"When we heard not only would he vote against it, but he'd use his power, his position as a swing vote ... to block it from coming to a vote, we had to send a message so he knows people who vote overwhelmingly favor the public option," said Rabbi Stephen Fuchs, of Congregation Beth Israel in West Hartford.

The crowd was estimated at 475 which strikes me as a meaningful turnout as well. I sincerely hope that the corporate sellouts in the Senate are going to get their comeuppance at the polls next year. If this level of populist momentum holds, thinking that wish may well come true.

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