Sunday, November 22, 2009

A good review for the Senate Health Reform Bill

Honestly, I don't have a clue whether the reform proposals are going to work. The whole devil in the details kicks up my anxiety level when I try to make sense of it, so I tend to trust to the experts who make a living analyzing these things. Ronald Brownstein finds one that gives the Senate version a glowing review. It's the must read of the day. Good overview of what it will do, that doesn't fall into horserace reporting. The opener alone is encouraging.
When I reached Jonathan Gruber on Thursday, he was working his way, page by laborious page, through the mammoth health care bill Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had unveiled just a few hours earlier. Gruber is a leading health economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is consulted by politicians in both parties. He was one of almost two dozen top economists who sent President Obama a letter earlier this month insisting that reform won't succeed unless it "bends the curve" in the long-term growth of health care costs. And, on that front, Gruber likes what he sees in the Reid proposal. Actually he likes it a lot.

"I'm sort of a known skeptic on this stuff," Gruber told me. "My summary is it's really hard to figure out how to bend the cost curve, but I can't think of a thing to try that they didn't try. They really make the best effort anyone has ever made. Everything is in here....I can't think of anything I'd do that they are not doing in the bill. You couldn't have done better than they are doing."
Seriously, read the whole thing. I felt better about it, after I did.

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