Friday, November 13, 2009

Fox Running Scared

Ha! I guess Fox is sick of being caught in doctoring their videos. They're trying to shut down the opposition.
But today, it appears that Fox News determined it was time to close this one-stop Liberal blog fodder shop: They sent more than 150 DMCA takedown notices to YouTube regarding Fox News clips on the News1News channel, said the channel's proprietor, John. (John, a doctor living in Washington, DC, didn't want his last name used.) This put the channel well over YouTube's controversial "three-strike" copyright violation limit. News1News was shut down, and John was inundated with emails from caffeine-addled bloggers asking, frantically, "what happened!?"
So now there are a bunch of blog posts on the internets that feature black screen YouTubes saying the content has been removed. But the effort is likely to be futile. Apparently John already launched an alternate channel and there are other GOP friendly channels still in operation that host the vids. Besides, everybody knows the snarkers of the intertoobz will not allow themselves to be silenced. They'll find a workaround. They always do. [via Progressive Pam]

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