Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Business Rebuffs GOP

Sure the megacorps are the GOPers BFF when they're pushing tax breaks and blocking regulation of their industry but the Business Roundtable's loyalty only goes as far as their wallets.
GOP aides say the party’s relationship with the business association has deteriorated in recent weeks as the Roundtable continues to work with Democrats in the White House and on the Hill to advance healthcare reform.

GOP lawmakers have become increasingly critical of the Roundtable for failing to take more of an active role in standing up to Obama on healthcare reform. But several said they were disappointed and perplexed by the business group’s latest action: the release of a report that gives Obama valuable rhetorical ammunition against Republicans.
Well there's a reason for that. "We estimate that if enacted properly, the right legislative reforms could potentially reduce that trend line by more than $3,000 per employee, to $25,435," the report stated. Of course, much as I love seeing the GOP slapped down on their obstructionism, I admit I'm a bit leery of the BRT's sudden support. Experience tells us that what's good for Big Business is rarely good for the working class. Hoping that's not true this time.

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