Monday, October 19, 2009

GOP Dirty Tricks

It just never ends. The GOPers have nothing to offer in terms of policy, they don't have the votes to block it, so their "new" strategy on health care reform is to "delay, define and derail" the reform bill. More specifically, "Republicans are demanding a deceleration of the process and moving to define whatever plan that emerges as a combination of Medicare cuts, tax increases, higher insurance premiums and rising overall costs." Not sure what's new about that. Looks like just more of the same old lies and obstruction to me. [h/t PR wire]

Meanwhile, Ranggrol pointed me to this story. In a banner on the website of Supreme Court candidate Joan Corie Melvin, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania replaced the “O” in Obama with the Soviet hammer and sickle symbol. TPM reports it was taken down already but they have an archived copy of the banner. When are the GOPers going to learn you can't really erase anything once it's been published on the internets?

And in other news, DavidShuster catches Georgia GOPer Rep. Kingston handing out stimulus money while hiding the fact that the stimulus bill he voted against was the source of the largess. I'd go as far as to say, the press release is so deceptive, it's not at all clear that the money came from federal funding at all. A trick that is apparently popular in Georgia, having been used by other mendacious GOPers there. Sadly, it will probably work to fool some of the local rubes.

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