Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Could Have Predicted...

Here's a (fake) shock. Max Baucus wasted weeks 'negotiating' with the GOPers on his health insurance reform bill, watering it down into a shit sandwich, that's worse than no bill at all in terms of solving the problem, and not a single Republican is going to sign on. Good news is, neither will a lot of Dems. They need to give that bill a decent burial and start over again.

Here's a (real) shock. Little Green Footballs proprietor, Charles Johnson emerges as a voice of reason on the far right's extremism. Even he sees the not so subtle threat of violence as pervasive in their ranks. And there's more. He calls out the liars of Wingnuttia. Media Matters has more on today's attempt to inflate the 912 march attendance. Cripes. They're not even trying to hide their dissembling anymore. And why would they, when they don't pay any price for it? It keeps the deluded flocking to them for affirmation and raises the old hit count.

And I didn't get to this earlier, but still worth the view is David Shuster's segment on how these people are fomenting hate.

And a surprisingly interesting tell all by Matt Latimer, former Bush speechwriter who's cashing in on the Bush bashing, now that it's safe to do so. But unlike most of them, I found this longish excerpt a good read and will probably read the book if I borrow a copy. I won't pay for these things on principle. [via Atrios]

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Blogger Ruth said...

Funny that there is no truth in them, since as Colbert called it, the facts have that librul bias.

10:02:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Can't trust facts. Only Glenn Beck knows "teh truth" /end snark.

12:12:00 PM  

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